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Dear Mark

I am very sorry that I could not answer your message promptly.

I really apologize for the inconvenience. The reason why I did not answer quickly is because I have been working on the annual report and the 2006 project deck of the business that I manage and…well it has not been easy. To much data to process and also my regular job tasks.

For the Alarm you will need:

1. Aluminum paper
2. Piece of wood: board of 5 in x 5 in. (Or bigger if you want to)
3. Two large nails
4. one small nail
5. A round wood or plastic rod
6. A ring
7. An electronic alarm (not a time alarm) or a buzzer…you can buy this item at Radio Shack.
8. Electric Wires (for small currents)
9. Batteries (if alarm does not come with batteries included)
10. 3M mounting tape
11. cotton string ( I am from Mexico and I don´t know how do you say it…sorry)
12. 3M clear tape

How to build it (See picture that I attached)

1. Tape the nails to the ring so you can mark them on the board with a pencil.
2. Remove the nails from the ring and hammer the nails at the marks in the board.
3. Hammer the small nail at the CENTER of the round rod.
4. Cover the walls of the ring with aluminum paper.
5. Cover the rod with aluminum paper.
6. Mark with a pencil the center of the straight line between the two nails.
7. Screw at the center mark a small ring that comes with a ¨screw tip¨ ( I am sorry I don´t know the name of this item, but you can find it at hardware store)
8. Attach the ¨cotton string¨to the rod´s nail
9. Hang the rod to the board ring
10. Attach the ring to the board´s nails using the clear tape. The rod must now be hanging at the center of the ring. Also, put the ring at the ¨middle¨of the rod.
NOTE: the space between the rod and the ring must be a small space so that the alarm or buzzer can be triggered at the slightest movement of the structure of the house.
11. Tape one end of an electric wire to the aluminum paper of the ring and then tape it along the nail ( don´t leave wires hanging!!!)
12. Tape one end of an electric wire to the aluminum paper of the rod and then tape it to the board.
13. Make the connections to the batteries and to the alarm. Follow the simple circuit diagram.

Mark, you will have to mount the board to the roof (inside a room near a corner and away form any wind)

Even tough I will have a lot a work for this next week, I will be aware of any message that you send in case that you have a problem.

Best Regards


Please send me a personal message to send you to an email account the compressed image that I attached to this reply. I doubt that you can see what´s in it.
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