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Hello eveyone,
Sorry I havent been on in a while, and this year I will be a more active participant in the website and forums. I miss this site dearly and am so excited to contribute in any way possible!!! Well, here is my request. I have a new science teacher this year for Physical Science, and the first marking quarter project is to make a atomic structure of the element assigned to you. I have recieved the hardest element in the class to build considering that its atomic number is 30, which means there are 30 protons and neutrons in its atomic structure. Does anyone know what would be good materials to use in order to make this project an A+ project? Help from the mentors/anyone with a good idea would be great! please post below or send a private message to me, or contact me at [email][/email]. Do not abuse my email address, only use it for contributing helpful information about this project.(and other projects as well). I dont mind friendly emails, but just dont spam me with those emails that you all know of that say "send this to 'X' amount of people and your wish will come true", not because I dont like them, but because I get to distracted by them and do whatever they say. Thank you everyone for your cooperation and hope to talk to you all soon!


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