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Since it's a science fair project in forensic entomology, I'm assuming you're going to be looking at the bugs?

The composition of the body is very different than plants (fruits+vegs) in terms of protein/carbohydrates/sugars, so I would agree with Archenemy that pork is the closest replica. You can just go to the supermarket to buy pork. It may be interesting to compare between decaying meat + decaying fruits/veg to see what happens! You need to put them in separate containers and see whether mold or bugs infests it first, and what type of decomposition occurs.

Odor - placing a box of baking soda will take away the odors without affecting your experiment.

Container- It will be very important to seal your experiment, so that no bugs from outside of the box/container gets in, so you know that the bugs that appear are ones that were already on the meat before you put it in. A clear one, as Archenemy suggested, will be ideal, so you can observe what is happening. If you don't have a tight lid (like a tupperware), I would suggest putting plastic wrap over it with tape to seal it.

Disposal - it will be pretty nasty after a few days, so be cautious not to open the container. You may not want to keep the container after the experiment.

Another variable - it may be interesting to see the rate at which meat decomposes in the fridge/freezer (if you do put it in the fridge, make sure it's tightly closed!!!) vs. at room temperature or at a high temperature (ie - noon time outside)
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