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wisteria is helpful, nice and has lots of friends here
Talking just quoting

this site is great you can make new friends I've got tons see ya at the formus Oscar ... I am have not choosen chemistry yet not until next year... maybe? it is good when you help people even teaching is too but it is how the teachers teach; some in my school are freaky about 1 or two well their 'word is law' some you would do almost anything to change classes because the teacheris soooo boring . or some are tooooo strict.
"Things happen for a reason"
science Rocks
happy day
"with out war we cannot appreciate peace!"

Gentle movements
of love,
The watching over from Heaven.
The eternity of love.
Wonders, Questions
that could never be answered.
But only faith
that swirls forever around us.
Praise Lord Jesus Christ!

By Wisteria

what is the meaning of life?

more to come...

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