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Default UH...Well

Originally Posted by wildthang
I am a 4th grader doing a science fair project on what type of water affects plant growth. I am using carbonated water, distilled water, tap water and run-off water from a local creek. My hypotheses is that run-off water will make my bean seeds grow faster because it seems to have more "stuff" like micro-organisms and nutrients but I need help for a better wording and if I am thinking right. Any ideas you can send my way will help. Am I missing anything?
Your main idea is pretty good, and I see what you mean, but your hypothesis need work. Try this...(Make sure to eleborate on your hypothesis)

"What water will help bean seeds grow the most?"
I believe that run-off water will make the bean seeds grow the most because of the many minerals that are found in it, not to mention the many nutrients.
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