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Question Affects Different Water Types have on plant Growth

Hello, my name is Tatiana and I am 11 years old. This year I have to participate on the Science Fair at my new School and I have never done this before. I have chosen to do mine on the affects different water types have on plant growth, but how do I best complete the research and record its results. I was thinking of using tap water, spring water and rain water and using the same pots and same soil and planting three bean seeds for each water type. Keeping them in the same exact environment so they are exposed to the same things and water them every other day and record the results to determine if there is in fact a difference in the growth caused by the water type. Any ideas or thoughts on this? Do I also need to do research on the different water types, what is in them and why their affect is different? Or do I simply record the results and do my project based on my findings? Help!!!
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