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Talking continue...

yes there are but I forgot I think steven Hawkings (sorry about the spelling) he did add that "Do we really exist? or is it just our brain/ imagination that makes it so?"

more from sophie's world:

do you believe in fate?
is sickness the punishment of the gods?
what forces govern the course of history?
Is there such a thing as natural modesty?
Wisest is she who knows she does not know...
true insight comes from within.
He who knows what is right will do right.

ok now this is me...
well what is truely right or wrong? what makes good and bad? it is just our prospective that makes us see it that way...

where do we do/ take philosophy course?

more to come...
"Things happen for a reason"
science Rocks
happy day
"with out war we cannot appreciate peace!"

Gentle movements
of love,
The watching over from Heaven.
The eternity of love.
Wonders, Questions
that could never be answered.
But only faith
that swirls forever around us.
Praise Lord Jesus Christ!

By Wisteria

what is the meaning of life?

more to come...
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