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Smile Help how to make a Science Investigatory Project?

HeY gUyS!!!,

MaY i AsK a HeLp? My ScIeNcE tEaChEr AsSiGnS mE tO hAvE a ScIeNcE iNvEsTiGaToRy PrOjEcT...
I aM kNeWiNg A mAtErIaL tHaT iS nO uSe, ThEn I wIlL eXpErImEnT iT tO bE uSeFuL...
I aM wOnDeRiNg To YoU gUyS tHaT yOu HaVe An IdEa To My PrOjEcT..

ThAnKs A lOtSz..,
-= S h A n I n =-
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