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Nice. Poetic.

No cause or religion should be permitted to justify killing for whatever reason. People need to realize that no matter how strongly a person feels about his/her cause or religion - you simply can't force your beliefs on others. That's the whole point of human free will.

In this day and age of global terrorism and war, it is so important that people all around this world learn to put aside their differences and focus on making things BETTER for everyone, instead of destroying and hurting.

I see Science as one of the best ways to promote global peace. Many people claim they are good and want to help others. But talk is cheap. Science is a CONCRETE way that a person can apply his/her knowledge, skill, dedication, intelligence etc - to HELP others instead of hurting others.

Of course, there will be those crazies out there who seek to use science to manufacture weapons to hurt others. But they will always be out there - so it's important that the good guys keep on pushing the frontier of science to discover newer technologies for defense.

Anyway, that's just some of my philosophical thoughts on why science is important for humanity.
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