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Default ScienceHound Exhibition Hall

Dear Members & Guests,

From 15 January 2006, The Science Project Forum has teamed up with in an arrangement that will help all of you in an even bigger way. allows anyone to submit their science project into a "virtual" exhibition hall. It takes only 5 minutes, and as a result you will:

1. be able to share your project with the whole world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
2. receive comments and suggestions on your project from students and teachers from all over the world
3. be able to submit your project for the ScienceHound Contest (details to be announced soon)

So now, you can get help for your science project in 3 great ways:

1. search and browse for projects at [url][/url]
2. ask our Mentors questions right here at the Science Project Forum
3. enter your science project and receive comments directly on your science project page at [url][/url]

I highly recommend visiting [url][/url].

Please feel free to share your experiences/comments about here by replying to this thread.
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