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Default Food science project - Smell and Taste

hi there Dory,

We always like it when parents come online to help their kids. There's definitely a big advantage when a parent is the very least, it improves the quality and level of communication!

BroadwayBaby's got some great suggestions! I'd just like to add - pick a mix of food types - some which are strong smelling, and some which don't give out a smell. You might need to narrow down your hypothesis to uncooked foods (otherwise, you'll have to address the difference between cooked and uncooked foods). For your subjects, the more the better - at least 10 people if possible, as BroadwayBaby says. You should keep profile of your human participants constant - all men/adults/caucasian etc... otherwise, you might have to deal with the possibility of different results for different people.

You also need to pick a suitable environment (location, temperature, lighting condiition) and keep that constant for each of your experiments.

I would suggest presenting your data in a table. It would be easier to understand, and you can include much more detail :P
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