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Question Engineering Project Help Please!!! Creative Minds!!

OK, so I need some help guys, I have an engineering project that was recently assigned to me and basically the main goal is to construct a model transportation device (2x2x4 maximum) that can go the farthest and hold the most water weight (a formula was made by the judges to balance out both of these to make it even). However the rules are that you may not use any form of electrical devices whatsoever, nor can you use any liquid flammable objects such as gasoline or any rocket fuels. Another rule that was actually placed in recently was that no animals are allowed to be involved (which I found quite funny).

So basically of course Ive thought of the old wind up and go technique, or even a way of propulsion through CO2 canisters, but can anybody please help with any creative ideas or propulsion theories that Ive simply passed by please??
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