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Originally Posted by crazymonkey
heres one...
Is a ball bounce affected by the height from which it is dropped..
this was my first question.. but i got a better one.. so use this..
do ur best
Okay, for this one, the answer is quite obvious unless....

You don't just say the higher you drop it, the better it bounces. You say that first. But then you look at your data and infer something else. Let's say when you drop it from 10 meters, it bounces 5 meters. When you drop it from 100 meters, it bounces 80 meters. At 10 meters, it bounces 50 percent. At 100 meters, it bounces 80 percent. Do you understand me now? After you figure out all the percentages, make a chart. X axis is the height from where the ball is dropped. Y axis is percentage. So you can see. Is the elasticity of the ball constant and has no relevancy to heights? Or does it depend on height?

Bonne chance!
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