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Originally Posted by umesh
I am std.8 school teacher in mumbai,india.
I need an teaching aid which explains any science topic
to the students easily and in better way.
So please post your ideas
Hi umesh

Great to hear from you. I believe teachers are the most valuable professionals that mankind has. Even though they are not usually paid the most, they should be. If I could have my way, I would make it such that teachers are rewarded the most. Then again, financial reward is not everything and I know lots of teachers are deeply rewarded by seeing their students grow and learn.

I do remember in the past my science teachers used real life objects - for example, a cross section of a flower to explain its innards. Likewise, dissection of frogs.

As for other teaching aids / techniques to explain scientific topics, I can't really help because I'm not a teacher and have no experience.

But I have explained stuff to other people and I can say that a principle that works all the time is to explain things in terms that your students can understand. I have sat in classes of teachers & professors who are *brillliant* - but fail to *connect* to the student - and as a result, sadly, fail as a teacher.

In general, I have valued my teachers who explained things carefully and clearly, putting thought and care into it. That attitude in itself will be recognized by your students and valued deeply (if not immediately).

Judy or other teachers on this board who have experience with teaching aids may be able to share a technique or two on how to explain science.

Hope that's somewhat helpful.
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