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Originally Posted by judy
Hello everybody!

I've been a little preoccupied lately - but it's wonderful to see so many of you helping out at the Forums. I think it's a wonderful thing - for students from all over the world to be able to come together to help millions of other students. It is very gratifying to know that there are those who do have the heart to help others. This Forum is a good thing - it demonstrates your kindness and generosity - and it shows the world just how smart you guys and gals are too!

I'm happy to be a part of this. I will tell my ex-colleagues to help too!
Hi Judy

Indeed, in the current world that we live in there is just WAY too much hatred, selfishness and pride. I think if every good person makes an effort to help others in small ways, the world will be a much much better place to live in.

I'm amazed at the intelligence of some of the young scientists here. I'm 33 now. Some of our 12, 16, 18 year olds are demonstrating tremendous analytical and creating thinking. And they communicate well too.

It truly is an honor to be part of this community.
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