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May I ask a question?

I wonder why are you adding nutrients into the test tubes/the foods. If you're trying to test how much gas is produced by decomposition of the foods, when are you adding MORE FOOD (sugar/vinegar)? Also, why would there be release of gas in food composition anyways? Do you mean carbon dioxide from aerobic respiration? In aerobic respiration, oxygen is taken in for carbon dioxide released, so there shouldn't be much difference. In anaerobic respiration/fermention, there won't be any intake of oxygen and still be release of carbon dioxide. But how do you guarantee fermentation unless you add fermenting bacteria? (Fermenting organisms include yeast, lactic acid bacteria, etc.)

Second, if you have access to a pressure sensor, use that. Ballons are too inaccurate. A pressure sensor links with a computer or scientific calculator, and it detects pressure. If you plug the sensor into the test tube, the gas will build up pressure in the test tube so you'll know if the gas increases or decreases by recording the pressure.

Good luck!
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