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Question made a mistake?????HELP ASAP!

I have all the things to try the project Broadwaybaby suggested.

I decided to try the experiemnt myself before i let my 5 year old son work on it to see how many drops would be best for him and I think I maybe doing something wrong.

I have tried various number of water drops from 5 to 20 and the only color that I can see is the powered goo of the same color as the candy on the paper towel- no rainbow - not more than one color. The only color that vaguely had a different color is purple..purple was apparent and there was a slight tinge of blue...other than that clear water and candy goo...from what I understand I should be seeing different colors on the paper i doing it wrong? am i using the wrong candy??I have smarties the little pill looking candy in pastels (pink,blue,green,yellow,orange, purple pastels)? Anyone have any suggetions on what I might be doing wrong.....plz any advice would be appreciated!!!
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