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dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud! dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud!

I know this might be a little too late, but there are properties of hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is denser than air, hydrogen is lighter. Let's say you have oxygen and hydrogen trapped in a beaker. Oxygen makes a glowing splint burn up in fire. Hydrgen makes a popping sound when it is burned. If you can get hydrogen and oxygen into a cup and use a glass plate to cover the mouth and entrap the gas inside the cup, et's say, and you hold the cup upside down, then hydrgen would not escape, but oxygen would. If you hold the cup rightside up, then the oxygen would not escape, but the hydrogen would. So you can tell the different between hydrogen and oxygen with their densities and perhaps prove that they're hydrogen and oxygen because of their different reactions to fire.

Check for other properties of hydrogen and oxygen. Does one of them react with an element? (I doubt it, because they are already in covalent, nonpolar bonds, but check nonetheless.)

Good luck!
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