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YOu could ask many questions. One could be

Is a laser mouse more reliable than an (I can't remember the word, just the ones with the ball in the bottom) older mouse.

To experiment with this, you could preform a series of tests with the two types of mice (I assume you have a computer, if not, tell me). The only demeaning factor would be the cost. Depending on what kind of mouse you have for your computer, it might not be as costly, because if you already have a laser on, you could probably get an older one with the ball in it for a small amount at a thrift store or refurbished electronics. Keep in mind, that would factor into your experiment, the age of the electronic you are testing.

A sample test could be timing how long it takes for a right click to show up. This could be timed with a stopwatch, although you would have to be very quick!!!! This would tell you which one has a faster wire connection.

Again, I am just giving you a few ideas. Keep in mind that there is a very big electronics world out there, so don't be shy to explore any aspect of it!
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