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Originally Posted by brainygirl
Since you are interested in physics and computer, you may or not like these ideas , but they are pretty cool!

1. The effect of solar activity on radio propagation?
2.Index of refraction liquids Vs temperature?
3. Observations of sunspots, flares and prominences?
4. Study of radiation patterns from diffrent antenna?


If you are really good with computers you can try these:
1. Develop a program to write a new custom program.
2. Develop a video game
3.Studies of storage / retrevial techniques for computer systems

I'm currently taking computer science courses, if you need any help about programing and stuff i might be able to help.

Good Luck!
Great suggestions (again) BrainyGirl

However, I'm wondering about the computer science projects you suggested - specifically, I would think that science fairs would require (or prefer) investigatory projects. Hence, developing a video game might not qualify as a valid science project. Studying storage/retrieval processes for computer systems sounds interesting.

And your suggestion about writing a program that can write another program is also interesting - but sounds difficult. If I understand you correctly, are you suggesting something along the lines of Artificial Intelligence? If so, that's a pretty complex field.
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