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Originally Posted by Living_Chemistry
Hey! What's up?
My science fair is quite soon, and I am attempting to test the affects of alcohol on a spiders ability to spin a web. I am frightened, becuase I have no way of feeding the spider the alcohol! I cannot give it to a fly and put him on the spiders web, because the insect has to be alive for the spider to detect the struggling on the web.

I'm in desperate need of help, and I am thankful for any suggestions.

P.S. This is really urgent!


Yours truly,
Hi :-)

This is a VERY interesting project. I don't have any experience with this kind of experiment, but I'm wondering... Hmm, I'm wondering and guessing that spiders do need to drink and eat. So if you enclose a spider in a cage/fishtank and have alcohol all over the environment (in it's water and in its food), and give it enough time (like maybe a week in an alcohol saturated environment), then I suppose you can safely say that the alcohol in the environment would have gotten into the spider?

You could then compare it to a control with another spider in a similar enclosure but with no alcohol.

I dunno, that's just a suggestion. There might be a better way to test the effect of alcohol on the spider.

VERY interesting project though.
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