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Default Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was a great phsychologist. He helped discover the three parts to every humans mind, wh ywe are afraid, and a lot of other things. I'll start by telling about the minds. There is the concious ming, the unconcious mind, and the pre concious mind. The concious mind stires information that can be oulled out at any given moment. These are mostly your memories. Your unconcious mind holds all of the memories that you don't remember. The pre concious mind is what can cause a few types of fear. A little boy may be afraid of water in his whole life, but not know why. It could be because he almost drowned when he was before his remembering age, where he could remember events that occured in his lifetime. I believe this is the correct information, I'll check it out, but feel free to correct me if this is wrong.
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