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Originally Posted by Reesies View Post
How do you measure the carbon in soda to find out which drinks contain the most fizz
You can try displacing water (ie replacing a volume of water with the gas to see how much gas there was).

Take an empty 2 liter bottle. Take the cap. Drill a hole into the cap. Put a tube through the hole. (Fish tank air tubing works well). Use putty or super glue to fill the gap on both sides of the bottle cap (basically make it air tight).

In a basin half filled with water, take a large measuring cup. Make sure it's big enough such as 2 cups). Fill with water and carefully turn it over in the basin so that the cup remains filled with water.

Thread the tubing from the cap under the cup via the cup's spout and secure it with something heavy. Make sure that the tube goes at least half way up
inside the cup.

Now you are ready to take a fresh 2 liter bottle of soda. Carefully un cap the bottle. You will loose some of the initial gas but thats ok. Quickly screw the customized-cap-with-tube on to the bottle.

The CO2 from the soda will displace the water in the over turned cup thus allowing you to directly measure the amount of gas that comes out of the bottle over time. You might need to gently agitate the soda to get more of the gas out.
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