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Default Measuring the strength of bricks

Firstly, we need to be certain what you're trying measure. Durability is quite
different from strength. As for strength, you have to be clear whether you're thinking of compressive, tensile or torsional strength. The durability of a brick does depend on the amount of weathering.

I'll assume that you're thinking of testing a brick's compressive strength.

For that, you'll just need a press to "squash" the brick. Keep applying pressure until it shatters. Record the peak pressure for that type of brick, and compare it with other types. You could get access to a machine for appyling pressure possibly from a concrete supply, as they would probably need to do their own testing to ensure that their concrete mixes are of adequate stregth.

Alternatively, you could use a hydraulic press. Be sure to wear safety goggles to avoid being hurt by flying bits of bricks.
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