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Originally Posted by clau
hi, I've working on a model of a maglev train, using small magnets aligned in two rows simulating the tracks, and some magnets under the "train", I made the train levitate, which is part of what I want to do with it, but I'm having troubles to make it run, or at least move a little forward and not just levitate in the same place. Do you how to make it move? someone told me it was just by using a complicated circuit that made the magnets change polarity in certain sequence, but that this circuit was only made in a laboratory . So, I was wondering if there is another way to make it, maybe by making a "bit of electricity" to run throughout the magnets, but how?

please send some ideas, I'll try them out. I need to have it done for monday, that means I only have a day and something.

Thanx for taking time
Interesting...I never thought anyone would attempt to make one, cause I saw that problem already. But, would it be okay if you move the magnets with your hands? Or are they actually attached in place?

I'm just wondering if you can utilize an electromagnet. You have regular magnets, so I guess there's no point in using electromagnets. But just wondering...if you have a railway aligned with more than two electromagnets, so that you can turn the electromagnets on at different times. For the first electromagnet, make it repel at the end of the train and attact at the front. Then make the end of the second magnet (next to the front of the first magnet) attract while make the front of the first magnet repel. I'm not sure if you can switch changes on electromagnets, but it's an idea...

As for switching polarity, try doing some other research about it. I'm pretty sure you'll get some other ideas, whether they'll work or not is up to you to find out. good luck!
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