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Default How many seeds should I use for this experiment?

Originally Posted by Biogradstudent
You can try to increase the acidity (by adding different amounts of vinegar), or increase the sugar content of the water (by adding different amounts of sugar into the water). If you do the sugar water experiment though, you will have to make sure that there are no ant problems at your home!

I've grown seedlings using a *clear* plastic cup, putting wet paper towel on the inside of the cup. (for your experiment, you would soak the paper towel with your different solutions) Then put the seed in between the paper towel and the cup. That way you can see the seedling grow over time. You can measure growth by measuring the length of the root with a ruler (outside the cup, without having to disturb the seedling), and also after how many days the leaves appear. Having more than one seed for each condition is good, as it is more scientifically accurate to average how fast the seedlings are growing.

Everyday, you can wet the paper towel with a fixed amount of the appropriate solution.

I hope that helps!
Hi, Biogradstudent! Im interested in trying out this experiment - how may seeds should I use? 5, 10, 20, 100?
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