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It's hard because it's difficult to experiment with a true human body.

Though it'll be easier for you to investigate defenses such as the skin, sweat, tears, stomach acid, the lung linings, etc than leukocytes and erythrocytes.

Perhaps you can find a way to investigate what types of bacteria/organisms are most dangerous to you. Such as by experiment with HCl, imitating stomach acid, and see which organisms could survive. There won't be many, so perhaps this experiment will come to nothing.

If a visual project/presentation, not an experiment is acceptable, you can try a model of the immune system.

If I were you, I would change to something more experimentable.

Also, suddenly, a good idea popped into my head. Correlate stress level with health/immune system. Like have the person rate their own stress, and have a physical examination. examine blood pressure, ask about how many times he/she gets sick, etc. remember to take body weight to height ratio as well.
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