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Default Grade 8 science project, Indicators.

I have a science fair project due on the 20th of March. My project is about acids, bases and indicators. My project is more of an invention really. I'm going to write, on a small peice of paper, the word acid in methol red and the word base in phenolpthalein. Like that, when I dip this peice of paper in an acid, the word acid will show up and when I dip it in a base, the word base will show up. This is just an easier way of using pH paper. I need background information for my project, and also so I can do my write-up. I am in grade 8 so I have not yet learned about indicators in class and I am having a very hard time finding a site that explains indicators so I can understand it. Can someone please help me. Or if you know of a good site that might explain it easily please tell me.

Thank you, Tanya
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