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Lightbulb Need a good idea for a science fair project

Hi , I'm a student in 8th grade, and I need an idea for a Science Fair project. Originally, my idea was to test computer processor speeds and their effect on computer proformance. I already have a fairly good understanding of how that sort of thing works, but as I did more research, I found that it would end up being a very hard project and I decided to change it to something else. I would like to have either a another project dealing with computers, or physics in some way. Also, my teacher made a point that my project can not at all deal with living things, and that it can not be a demonstration (like building a volcano using baking soda and vinegar for example.) ; basically I have to have a problem, a control, variables etc..
I want to have an interesting project, but I really have no idea what to do, please help! I need it to be a little bit of a highschool type project if you can think of one.

Thanks a lot guys and gals,

PS; I would like a project were I can use mostly on the computer and somethen cheep. I am not going to be willing to pay for things, my price range would be about $10.00 or so. I would do all the work myself and I would research it all. The type of ideas I am looking for are like witch search engen is the best and how many people like which one the best.

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