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Smile mitosis


In biology, mitosis is the process of chromosome segregation and nuclear division that follows replication of the genetic material in eukaryotic cells. This process assures that each daughter nucleus receives a complete copy of the organism's genome. In most eukaryotes mitosis is accompanied with cell division or cytokinesis, but there are many exceptions, for instance among the fungi. There is another process called meiosis, which is similar to mitosis in many ways, in which the daughter nuclei receive half the chromosomes of the parent, which is involved in gamete formation and other similar processes. What i'm trying to say is that it doesen't matter what type
of cell.
She looks up to the sky and she wanders if there's any hope, if there's any hope. And she crys out heaven save me lift me up before this braeks me is any body even listening.


Am I doubting, maybe; its something I have to figure out on my own terms.

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