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Cool Answer to desprate need

Originally Posted by ben's mom View Post
What happens when you leave an egg in vinegar for 24 hours?
My son forgot about his project, and its due in the morning!
His father says it will disolve the eggs shell.
But he was to watch it for 24 hours.
We have one in the vinegar now but will run out of time!
He has to have a play by play,or an hourly log of its progress.
Have you ever done this project? Can you help?
I just did this experiment yesturday and when you mix the vinegar and egg together the acids in the vinegar react with the carbonates in the egg shell and starts to make the egg shell disolve. So if you boil an egg and start peeling the shell off and take pictures i think that will look realistic. But make sure he takes the egg thats been in the vinegar to school to make the teacher think he's done it. Just leave the egg in viegar all night then take it out and takr it to the school. And for the information on how it reacts, look it up on the internet. But there are always other cool easier experiments you (or he) could do.
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