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Mad Scientist 08-14-2005 12:07 PM

Egg drop science project

Im in fifth grade and I'm doing the egg drop project. What hieght should I use?


Archenemy550 08-14-2005 07:56 PM

You should do multiple heights....

I would go with:

you can alter those to however you want, but when i was in elementary those are the heights we used.

Are you placing the eggs in a box with padding, or just dropping them? Otherwise the egg will proably break on 6in.

wisteria 09-16-2005 06:08 AM

just trying to help
I agree with Archenemy550 but it also depends on the ground surface too. :)

sciencefreak 09-17-2005 07:51 AM

i came across an amazing fact. you might wanna include it.
In 1994, an egg was dropped from a helicopter onto a golf course in Blackpool from a height of 213 metres (699 ft.). Incredibly, it did not break!!!

ScienceIsCool 09-17-2005 11:02 AM

What!!! 700 feet! That's truly amazing. Where did you get the fact though? (i.e. is the source reliable?)

sciencefreak 09-17-2005 09:20 PM

yeah...i got it from a reliable encyclopedia called 1001 amazing facts

Mad Scientist 09-18-2005 10:08 AM

Unbreakable Eggs?!
That is simply amazing! Did they mention what was used to catch the egg? or was it simply dropped onto the ground? Surely they must have used something to catch the egg!

wisteria 09-19-2005 04:40 AM

true... but Is amazing that the egg did not break...

lexmartin97 09-20-2005 09:30 PM

:confused: i like that alot a egg is a good idea

sciencefreak 09-21-2005 06:44 AM

sorry i wasn't available for quite some time.
well yeah....they dropped in on the golf course, the ground...
amazing but true

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