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Michaelsciencefair 10-22-2006 05:32 AM

What can I choose for a simple science fair project?
I am not good at alot of details so I need a science fair project that is uncomplicated and easy to understand? Please can you help?

Polishdude59 10-24-2006 12:44 PM

Do it on which diaper leaks the least huggies or pamper? Or if muisic can affect ur heart rate run like a lap with out listening to music and run the exact same distance while listening and after both measusre ur heart rate. Have fun with ur science projects!

~poland pnws~ :D

sweet&sour 10-24-2006 07:40 PM

hmmm, Im guessing that you are in fifth grade, if you want an easy and uncomplicated project then do it on a scientific topic that you are REALLY intrested in. I am pretty sure you will find something intresting. If that doesnt help try and do somthing simple like "Are a pair of twins' fingerprints the same?"

RaZoR 10-25-2006 07:03 PM

Do one on plants. Which kind of water effects plants the most. Distilled,
filtered or tap?

This is what I did on one of my previous science projects and it went really well. It's a really easy project to do.

Houdini 10-25-2006 07:17 PM

i did that 1 2. i hope u have fun with it if u eva even do it in the first place!

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