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Tamthebest 10-15-2005 01:29 AM

Are science books usefull?
Do you like science books such as experiment, information ones etc. :rolleyes:

wisteria 10-18-2005 03:09 AM

hi Tamthebest that's a good idea you have put up the mor polls the more it is interesting/ fun ;) .

BroadwayBaby 10-24-2005 04:06 PM

Re Sci Book
Most books are very basic and do not go indepth, which means they are good in the classroom, but not good for research!

wisteria 10-25-2005 06:00 AM

i agree broadwaybaby but isn't it the point of it? to let us do our extra research? :confused: ...

Sepherothsword 10-26-2005 07:32 AM

Most science books don't describe much. :(
Luckily, they have science books specifically made for certain projects. ;)
I have a good plant experiment book.
I will give you the name when I find out!

minnie30567746 10-26-2005 01:51 PM

Uh uh
I don't think so, I am always having to use the internet instead of my textbook to find the information I need.

wisteria 10-27-2005 05:04 AM

i agree in my sc class we don't have sc textbooks because the old ones aren't part of what we are learning only a small porportion but books can be more reliable but not always up to date :eek: so in my class the teacher is our text book :eek: mine lectures us to death... and we do a lot of internet work...

Mad Scientist 11-02-2005 09:00 AM

Science books are useful
I feel that they are - it's just that you need to know what you want before you buy or borrow a book. Carefully examine its index to ensure that it has the information that you need. Ultimately, well written books will have very good in-depth information on a subject of interest.

wisteria 11-03-2005 02:55 AM

to tell you the truth most kids hate reading facts I don't there're interesting however it's a bore... :o

BroadwayBaby 11-04-2005 01:49 PM

Good Point Mad!
Good point Mad, the only problem is, many school distrects go for the most inexpensive books, which sometimes cheats students out of details needed. I did, however, find some good books, try logging on to [url][/url] Hope this helps! :)

wisteria 11-05-2005 10:16 PM

I just tried to go to your website broadway but couldn't and I do agree with you well my school always get the best quality as it is kinda a privet school so this year yr/gr 9 don't have text books rip offs :mad: ...

BroadwayBaby 11-07-2005 06:13 PM

Link Problem
Yeah, sorry something is wrong w/ the link, but if you type it into your address box, it should come up!

sciencefreak 11-19-2005 07:18 PM

Well to me science books prove to be endless hours of surprises, shocks and fun.

wisteria 11-27-2005 03:37 AM

I'll try it later it's late rally late got school tomorrow :eek: night everyone...

satfire311 12-18-2005 04:30 AM

the grade level
Well, it depends on the grade level. If you are just reading out of the book in one grade, but then doing labs that can not be found in the book in a different grade, then it depends. I also thnk it has to do with how indepth the books are.

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