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angelaki 08-20-2006 04:33 AM

Need Help on Investigatory Project
Hey... New member here. :D It's great to be part of a community of people that help each other in their projects. I have to admit I'm not such a science guy and I need help in our investigatory project (I'm not so sure if this term is applied to other areas but I will define it just in case: It's some sort of project where we experiment on something and write a paper about it) Anyway, here's our problem:

We have a planned project where we investigate cockroaches and see if using spray is more effective in killing cockroaches. We want to compare it to a homemade pesticide/cockroach killer. Our problem is that which materials to use and how to make it.

I had another project in mind actually. I just haven't told my teammates yet. But anyway, I guess I need a small help:

I want to compare which of the two are better mosquito repellant: Any Mosquito Repellant that we can buy in the supermarket, or a solution that has garlic. My problem is that I don't know how to make this "garlic solution" that can be effective as a mosquite repellant. I have researched and found that one percent of Garlic Oil, Petroleum Jelly, and Beeswax can be used. Well, it's fine for me but where can I get Beeswax? I don't think I can get it that easily and how do I prepare it?

Anyway, if you have any suggestions to any of those ideas, please reply and tell me. I'd appreciate any help I can get from you :)


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