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dreamerofeternity 02-01-2006 06:29 PM

Quiz: Properties of Water
What is the boiling point and melting point of water (in Celsius)?

What is the specific heat of water?

What is the density of water?

Is water a polar or nonpolar molecule? Therefore, is it covalently or ionically bonded?

What is the definition of distilled water? How is water distilled? How is tap water different from distilled water?

Which of the following properties does not apply to water?
A. Capillary action
B. Adhesion
C. Cohesion
D. All of the above apply to water.

dreamerofeternity 02-06-2006 04:45 PM

PLEASE LEARN THE PROPERTIES OF WATER! The ones I have starred are very important...

* Water has a melting/freezing point of 0 degrees celsius and a boiling/vaporization point of 100 degrees celsius (come one, guys! You should have known this!)

Water has a specific heat of 1.

* Water has a density of 1 g/mL.

* Since water is a polar molecule, it has to be covalently bonded. Whoever has studied electronegativity in chemistry, subtract the electronegativities of hydrogen and oxygen, which is bigger than .5 but smaller than 1.7, so it has a polar covalent bond. B/c water is polar, it can dissolve polar substances. B/c oil is nonpolar, oil and water don't mix.

* Distilled water (you guys should know this:D ) is basically pure water. (Tap water has ions, such as fluorine, chlorine, etc.) Water is distilled by boiling it so the water vapor enters another tube, leaving behind all the dirty stuff, and is cooled in the tube, becoming water again.

ALL OF THE ABOVE APPLY TO WATER. Since water is polar, water molecules stick to each other (cohesion) and they stick to the glass and other molecules (adhesion) and because of this, water has capillary action (when you put a tube inside a cup of water, the water in the tube will rise above the water level in the cup b/c water will climb up the tube walls).

wisteria 02-25-2006 05:34 AM

how very interesting i never knew that! keep up the ggod work!;)

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