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doloresr03 02-15-2006 12:51 PM

My daughter is planning to build a telegraph. Isn't this considered an exhibit, rather than a science experiment?

If so, what else would she need to do for the science fair?

This is the first time that I have had to deal with science fair stuff and I'm clueless... :confused:

Please help someone. :eek:

Toni S. 02-20-2006 02:38 AM

Website(s) to check out on Telegraphs!!
Hi Doloresr03,

My 5th Grade son wants to do the "Morse Code" / "Telegraph" as well for his Science Fair Project as well and I had absolutely "No Clue" what to do to help him let alone have any knowledge what so ever myself. I was searching the web and found an awesome place to actually "Purchase" the entire Kit with all of the educational aspects, directions etc. for the Morse Code/Telegraph!!
Go to the following website:
* [url][/url]
* scroll down under the banner that reads "Don't be a fish out of water, Let Harris Educational Help Today!" (You'll see the light bulb on the left and the telegraph on the right) just above the 2 pictures click on the first "click here" and you can go from there! or scroll down until you see "Build your own Telegraph", just some very helpful advise.....I clicked on each box there, except the "Build your own light bulb" box and printed everything! it has alot of extreemly valueable info all thru it! I paid $55.00 for the Telegraph kit, and step by step directions, info for the actual report/research info and everything. They also had a link to another website called US Coachlab Probeware that says it has extras to go along with the telegraph if you're interested in checking it out as well or purchasing anything else to go along with it, but I think it's mainly for the light bulb kit, I really didn't go thru the entire site because it got so late, anyway here's the link address just in case: [url][/url]
I hope you're able to access that site since I found it thru the original Harris Educational site myself.

Good Luck on your project and I hope the information I was able to provide was helpful to you both!
Toni S. - [email][/email] (if you have any questions or anything that I may be able to use in return)

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