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scidudetoo 01-22-2006 01:12 PM

Here's some tips
Judges are really attracted to the board. If you have creativity, show it! Obviously, they would not like a board with black marker and cross outs on it. Oh, and DON"T LIE if they ask you questions. They always find out. If you got help from a parent, dont say u did it yourself because no one is perfect. It's the impression that you leave that counts.

science ace #1 01-22-2006 02:43 PM

lastly, they look at how much effort you put in your project, and if you worked alot...

rachaelroxursox2 01-22-2006 03:38 PM

They like orginal ideas. They get bored if they see the same volcano project over and over again-give them something that makes them think "Oh, I've never thought of that before-what an interesting idea":lightbulb:

science ace #1 01-22-2006 03:43 PM

that is...
totally correct...... io agree 100% wit rachealroxursox2


science ace #1 01-22-2006 05:49 PM

here are some judjing criterias
here are some things that judges look 4 in your project...


CREATIVE ABILITY: Is this an original idea or an original approach to a new idea? Both are good. Did you show ingenuity in the materials, apparatus and techniques or did you just buy a kit? Did you demonstrate the ability to improvise and adapt? Is the project a collection, is it a purposeful one?

SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT: Does your exhibit show: organized procedures, accurate observations, controlled experiments, cause and effect reasoning, theories, analysis and synthesis? Weight is given to the likely amount of real study and effort represented in the exhibit. The project cannot be just a demonstration or an attractive display.

THOROUGHNESS: How completely have you explored or studied the problem? You should record evidence you have gathered as data in notebooks, journals, or log books. Include bibliographies, charts, tables, and graphs. Be sure to identify experimental organisms and/or apparatus.

SKILL: Is your workmanship good? Do you show evidence of mastery of techniques? Did you construct your own apparatus? Overall construction and "look" of the project should be neat, organized, easy to read, sturdy, and self supporting.

CLARITY: Does the display clearly explain what you did? A neatly written, well organized backboard that is easy to follow provides clarity. Things which insure clarity are: labels, guide marks, well written descriptions, emphasis on important items, labeled graphs, labeled tables, legends underneath graphs and tables. Which of these does your display have?

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