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oriculumn 01-25-2009 08:16 AM

Please Help with my Ocean Iron Fertilization Project!
Hi! My teacher just assigned science fair projects, and I want to do mine on Ocean Iron Fertilization. I want to see how the amount of iron affects the amount of CO2, and how the addition of iron will affect the water for marine life.

As for getting the ocean water, how can I make sure that the phytoplankton survive long enough to conduct the experiment? I was hoping to do a study over the course of 2 weeks or more depending on the lifespan of the phytoplankton. The Gulf of Mexico is several hours away from where I live. Or could I purchase some sort of ocean water mix from PetCo and buy phytoplankton form there too?

Also, what seems to be a good container to use for the experiment? Do I need something large like a fish tank, or could I use something small like a beaker?

And where can I conduct this experiment? Do I need to work outdoors, or could I simulate the ocean environment indoors? What can I do to simulate the ocean environment on a smaller scale?

Also, how can I measure the amount of CO2 that is absorbed by the phytoplankton from the atmosphere?

Please help! Any suggestions to improve my project will be greatly appreciated! :)

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