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josh 01-12-2006 02:48 PM

xray machine
im thinking about making the "inexpenisve Xray Machine". It says that i need a lead vest, and can screw up TV's and radio about a mile away. is this true? im in 8th grade, and got best in class, and 2nd overall in 6th grade and best in class and best overall in 7th. i made a lie detector in 6th grade, and a hovercraft in 7th, my friends dad works at VCU and might have the proper tools. but im thinking about giving somebody and screw or sumthing to hide in one of their pocket and then we would search for it. but i guess that this wouldnt work. is their any possible way i can make this work without killing someone? thanx

Living_Chemistry 01-27-2006 09:01 PM

Good luck!
I don't know much about X-ray machines, but I do know that if you have lead on or in you during the radiation, if messes with it and makes it like 3x more intense. *many jeans have lead contained in the metal pushes, and that's why they make you wear the robes for an x-ray* Anyways...
Why don't you go to a hospital and ask the tecnician how the x-ray is built and what it does. If you are at all people-shy, (like me) you can ALWAYS research on the web.

Good luck!

:D Yours truly,

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