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satfire311 12-24-2005 06:17 AM

What do you think about cloning? Is it right or wrong? As most can probably guess from past threads, I do not think it is right because it is interrfearing with God's plan. Only he can create life. What does everyone else think?

minnie30567746 12-24-2005 10:18 AM

I have mixed feelings.I mean, if they could clone just animals that we need for food, it would help the poor and strvation...I just don't know.

satfire311 12-24-2005 11:03 AM

Yes, I could slightly understand that. But in my opinion, cloning of any kind is wrong because it goes against the bible and should not be done, no matter the reason.

rachaelroxursox2 12-26-2005 01:11 PM

this is a good poll, I have never thought of cloning as something right or wrong just more of a goal scientists have.

Mad Scientist 12-29-2005 07:33 AM

This is an excellent poll. I think I'll move this to the top of the forum.

I have mixed feelings about cloning. On the one hand, there are obvious benefits which modern science can produce via the cloning process. But my personal view is that one must draw the line somewhere. The big question is "where"? :)

satfire311 12-29-2005 08:58 AM

Thanks everyone! Does anyone else have any thoughts?

minnie30567746 01-01-2006 09:28 AM

I guess that is right. It is interesting, though. When a clone is made, do you think the poosibility is greater of aa mutation?

satfire311 01-01-2006 02:59 PM

Well, I've already made it clear that I think that cloning is totally wrong no matter what the reason. But, I do think that there can be a bigger chance of a mutation or a smaller one. Wouldn't scientists be able to fix a mutation if it was a clone?

wisteria 01-01-2006 10:27 PM

it depends and I do have mixed feelings well it could benifit though if it is bending the bilble and God's law...:o

minnie30567746 01-02-2006 09:17 AM

I don't think so
Because the clone would be just like the first one, with the same genetic code. If they can fix normal beings, then I suppose they could fix a clones mutation.

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