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minnie30567746 11-29-2005 01:53 PM

Your Very Important Word
How many of you have a password that noone would guess? What about one that isn't so hard to figure out? I believe that it is very important that everybody keep their password a secret. If someone gets into your account, there's no telling what could happen. The ONLY reason that I would give one person my password is if I know that I might need someone to cover for a help question asked. In the event of this happening, I suggest that you ask a person you know VERY VERY WELL, that you know would not do anything to your account to damage it. Just a small safety reminder.:)

minnie30567746 11-29-2005 01:56 PM

What do you think?
What does everyone think about this? Do you believe this is correct information?

Mad Scientist 11-29-2005 03:47 PM

Keeping passwords secret
Dear Minnie

You are so correct! It is imperative that we all keep our passwords secret. Imagine if someone who has your password logs in and posts vulgar /defamatory comments? That could land YOU in very hot soup, as we would have to assume that it was YOU who did it. It would be really difficult to prove that the person who made the bad comments was someone else, simply because no one else is supposed to have your password.

So do keep your password extremely confidentialy, and change it from time to time just in case it gets leaked out. Now, if you really have to give it to a trusted friend (and do make sure your friend is indeed trusted) you should change it as soon as you get a change to do so (without telling your friend your new password, of course).

Thanks for bringing up this issue and reminding us :)

minnie30567746 11-29-2005 04:31 PM

I have a question..
Should I move this post to another place, so that all users have access to it?

Mad Scientist 11-29-2005 06:20 PM

Sharing the information
Yes, that's an excellent idea!

I tell you what....I will create new forum called "Administrative Matters". Once it's done, I'll message you so you can move this thread there.

BroadwayBaby 12-02-2005 12:35 PM

As well as not telling any one one's password, one should have a password that is difficult to guess.

satfire311 12-02-2005 01:00 PM

So true
I have to agree. That happened to me once, but I changed my password and found out who did it. Another thing, make sure your password IS NOT "PASSWORD"!!!!!! Also, try to keep it something that doesn't have to do with your username.

moo42894 12-02-2005 02:57 PM

I completely agree. My password is so hard for all my friends to guess, and i use it on all my accounts. And just to be safe, I don't even gie my friends hints about my password. Even more so,
I type fast, so even if they did try to spy, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the keys! :D

wisteria 12-10-2005 11:06 PM

well I never give my password to anyone but my parents as they have to know and and one in term 2 (Australian school) my year-co-ordinator he gave ua a lecture of passwords because my went to him complaining but it was their fault that they told (many are show-offs)...

kellyrox 12-12-2005 12:26 PM

If the point of a password is to be a secret word that allows you to access things that you don't want other people geeting into, than why do people share it? That is what I want to know! :confused:

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