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krysis 01-09-2009 02:07 PM

Grade 8 Needs Assistance in Choosing Science Fair Topic
Hello, I recently found this great forum and decide to register. I am in Grade 8 and I'm in urgent need of choosing a science fair topic. My skill level is pretty high, on my report card my percent average of math is 94%, science 92%, Geography 93%. I only have about a month to complete the science fair report, experiment, and backdrop display. Last year in Grade 7, I did i project on how music affects short term memory and I made it past my school's fair. The next level was a school board fair, and there I scored a silver medal, with about 87%.

Now again, I ask for assistance in choosing an gold winning science fair project that can complete within about a month. My last project idea was thought of by my sister in last year of university. But now she does not have any good ideas and yet I cannot even think of an unique one.

I've checked out many books and ideas on the internet, but those experiment topic ideas are horrible and are so unoringinal.

So I really, really need aid in choosing an Gr.8 science fair topic (experiment) that is original and unique. Can somebody help me in thinking of a original project that came from your mind, not from a book or off the internet.

Thank you.:angel:

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