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wisteria 11-07-2005 03:59 AM

let's start with the Big Bang theory shall we? right how do we know if it ever existed? well it is just a theory this theory was the bigest discovery made by accident. about 12 billion years ago there was nothing no time, matter, atc. it is thought that the big bang was a huge very hot ball which exapned to be the present. it started with the battle of matter and anti-matter matter won and time was started. H and He were made then it was fromed into stars. the formula "e=mc˛" gives us knowledge to make massdistruction and gives us and idea but a complete opposite by pure energy.

since the big bang the universe is still expanding. :cool:

in the past earth was considered the center of the universe like boardwaybaby mentioned in Galileo proved that we are revoling the sun...there are many stars that make up the constellations when we see stars we are seeing the past as it takes a while for the light to reach our eyes.

the nearest star is the sun burns hydrogen this light provides life on earth.

why do we see the stars twinkle on earth but when we're in space it does not? :confused:

is also to be predicted that the universe may collaspe again and the big bang will start over again and again...

more to come... :p

Science_Sweetie 11-07-2005 07:13 AM

How can we prove it was 12 million years ago?

BroadwayBaby 11-07-2005 06:06 PM

Did You Know?
Did You Know, that looking at stars is kind of like going back in time? Many stars are so far away that when the star is, "Burned-Out," the light is still traveling to earth. Some of the stars we see in the sky have actually been dead for centuries!

wisteria 11-08-2005 12:37 AM

well I can't say exactly that it was about 12 billion years ago maybe sciencetist estimated the years by resources that are in space? it could be...

more to come...

BroadwayBaby 11-09-2005 12:19 PM

Thanx Wisteria!

satfire311 11-09-2005 12:48 PM

Different idea
Okay, since I am a christian I have a little bit of a different view on evolution. So no offense for what I'm about to say. Everyone has different views on things and one is not more correct than the other. First of all, I don't think that evloution did happen at all.(There is evidence in the bible) Also, the earth isn't really that old.(There is evidence in the Bible about this also) Scientists have over estimated earth's age by about 3 million years. So you might be asking "If the earth isn't that old, where do the dinosaurs come into play?" The answer is quite simple. There is again evidence in the bible in the book of Job that dinosaurs were around in Bible times.
Again this is all one theory, but with the evidence it has, it is pretty hard to say that it's wrong.

BroadwayBaby 11-09-2005 12:55 PM

I agree completely with Satfire, as I am a christiam also

wisteria 11-12-2005 04:55 AM

reply and continue...
I'm not offened; I'm a christian too what I have learnt in religion class this year is that the bible we should think it abstractly not literually however I was giving the view of science read the evolution thread and see what I replyed for that...

right now my mind is mixed with religion and science...

hope it answers your question...

more to come...

Mad Scientist 11-12-2005 08:19 AM

Evolution vs. Creation
That's a big question for debate. I've read that there is much evidence pointing to the fact that the earth is younger than the evolution theory shows. Fascinating topic.

wisteria 11-12-2005 09:39 PM

reply and continue...
it is still debating but how can we actually tell if we are right it all comes in to prospective ;) :D :p so it is not right or wrong... :D

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