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ronnie.rajan 11-06-2005 02:51 AM

Magnetic levitation
I am doing a project in my school fair on magnetic levitation. i am presenting it as a horror show.
A model atatched to a magnet is placed on atable with a coil under it. a hi current is passed to repel this magnet and it appears to rise.
pls giv a few recommendations and ideas on this
this is urgent.

catwood 11-13-2005 07:34 PM

i would be more scared of the high current unless you know what you are sure your safe...

see this thread

Mad Scientist 11-13-2005 08:18 PM

High currents
Indeed, Catwood's got an excellent point. To obtan enough magnetic force, you'll probably need a lot of "juice" - very high currents - and you should be extremely careful when dealing with any form of electricity. Be sure to have a qualified adult accompany you - eg. your teacher/ an electrical engineer etc.

todd 10-23-2008 09:34 AM

Self sustained magnetic levitation is not that far away
Researching perpetual motion using magnets and another static force I came across an article from Project Home 2010 where they are developing magnetic levitation that is self sustained by defeating power to weight ratios using electricity in a supercooled conductor powerful enough to produce a magnetic force field. The source describing how it works is at:


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