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dreamerofeternity 01-21-2006 10:06 AM

Proteins during Milk SPoilage
During my experiment, I let milk spoil, then check every few hours for data. At every check, I put some milk into centrifuge tubes, then dilute 2X with distilled, then put into centrifuge. Afterwards, it would have separated into three layers. Fat on up, middle composing of soluble proteins and sugar, last layer composed of dead cells and precipitated protein. I use a syringe to take out middle layer, then put .5 mL of the middle layer into a test tube (that I can put into the spectrophotometer). Add 5.5 mL of water, and 50 milliliters of biuret solution(using micropipet). The put into spectrophotometer at 650 nanometers (red). Read absorbancy and transmittance.

The protein levels showed initital increase, then decrease. In laters parts, I proved that proteins moved from the middle layer into the bottom layer (precipitation). Also, proteins decomposed into polypeptides.

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