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SmellyCat 09-14-2008 10:13 AM

7th Grade Science Fair help!
Hopefully someone can give me some sage advice on a my son's science fair project. We intend to take water from our pond and try to filter it with 4 types of filters both organic and inorganic.

1. Charcoal - From the fire pit?
2. Beach sand - sand box
3. Small pebbles
4. gym sock

I think I am going to place 4 (2) liter bottles with the bottom cut-off upside down. The cap will stay on with a small hole drilled in it for it to drip into a collection cup. I thought about going to a pet store a purchasing a water test kit. My son's teacher said that this was a good idea but could be costly to due test kits. Also she stated that we would have to conduct 5 tests per filter.

I would also like to do one more bottle with all 4 filters, but now he is up to 25 tests. I saw a filtration test from a aquairium store but I really dont know how to dtermine the data from the test strips. There are $100.00 kits and they come with the data charts but they only allow a few tests.

Sorry for the rambling.....Thanks for any advice!:)

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