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SmartKitty 10-03-2005 01:19 PM

ScienceGeek3000, i wanna talk!
hisss! I loved ur idea but i wanna get to know u! talk to me. Meow!

maca 10-04-2005 01:08 PM

my science fair project
my science fair project is:
I will use liquid and solid hand soaps, red pen and my hands
what I'm going to do is make a little red mark on my hand with the red pen, then I'm going to wash my hands with the liquid soap and time it for 30 seconds same thing with the solid soap and see which one cleans better and faster, I dont know if this is good but I really need 3 web sites that I did research on this and print it out and show my teacher tomorrow plz help me find the page!!!! plz! :( :( :(

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