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sbarr 12-17-2008 02:19 PM

tempurture and evaperation
i am doing a bubble project to see in what climate would bubbles pop fast or slower but i can't find any thing obout it my teacher said that i should try to see how tempurture can affect how things evaperat so could you guys please help me :embarassed: :star: :) and its for my background research paper

wicked_science 01-26-2009 04:10 PM

experiment idea

To determine whether heat or air flow causes water to evaporate the fastest.
Additional information

The rate of water evaporation applies to many real life situations, such as when wetness on the ground dries after rainfall. Rain in the summer is evaporated by heat, whereas rain in the spring is often evaporated by wind. This experiment will help you find out which method of water evaporation is the most efficient.
Required materials

* 3 sponges
* Measuring cup
* 3 plastic plates (not paper)
* 1 gallon distilled water
* Portable electric heater
* Portable electric fan
* Journal
* Clock or timer

Estimated Experiment Time

A few days.
for more info go to

hope that helps:D

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