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GeniusDude 09-17-2005 03:09 PM

Does music affect your ability to remember?

My name is Pierre Jolicoeur and i was wondering if you could post a response trying to give me tips about my science fair project, "Does music affect your ability to remember?", if you have any info or if you know someone who knows about this, please ask them and tell me please, i really need it. :)
if you have anything to help me you can contact me at [email][/email] or [email][/email]

Thank you!!! :) :D

sciencefreak 09-17-2005 08:40 PM

try this site. it might help you

GeniusDude 09-18-2005 01:08 PM

thank you!!!
thanks for helping me, i appriciate it! :)

ScienceIsCool 09-22-2005 11:28 AM

Hi GeniusDude

You might find these links useful:


All the best

Tamthegenious 10-13-2005 08:35 AM

Answer to the question
it will be best to go to this site

brainygirl 10-13-2005 10:28 AM


Have you done your homework in a room, while listen to a Rock , R&B ,

Country,or Rap song that you know , and you start to sing along, I think it

takes out the main focuse you had while doing your homework, so it side

tracks you. You become more hyped or you kind of forget where you were.

However, other people uses diffrent sounds for them to meditate, which

hepls their concentration, people pratices Zen, which uses sounds like the

river, birds stuff like that to help them concentrate, I think it depends on the

kind of song the person listens to.


If someone reads colors, words , images. Then go in a room while the radio is playing one of their favorite song, and they are signing along , I dought that they will remember everything they saw, or read, i say they remember partial of whatever it is that they read or saw after singing to their song.

In conclusion i think music does effects people ability to remenmber.

That a pretty interesting project, however i would like to know your results after your science fair project is over.

Good luck! :)

wisteria 10-14-2005 03:36 AM

just quoting and helping
I agree with brainygirl but it is better when you learn silently because you get use to it even music you get use to it it is hard to concentrate sometimes in the exam :eek: ...

GeniusDude 10-14-2005 06:35 AM

Thanx for all the ideas
hi all,

I'm really starting to get this but now i need to know almost everything about it, can you guys try to help me find some sites that could be helpful, also i need to find a college proffessor whatnot that did a project similar to mine, if anyone has any in fo please respond, i would really appriciate it, tnx :)

wisteria 10-14-2005 07:37 PM

i think this may help ;) [url][/url] ... hope it dose :D tell us if you need anything :D

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